6 Simply Done Tips For Social Media Posting

Jenny has more than a decade of veterinary marketing experience, and she is obsessed with developing highly-engaging digital marketing solutions that are achievable for busy veterinary professionals.

1. Include a link to your website in most posts

Every post you do on social media is an opportunity to gain more traffic to your veterinary website! It’s always best to link to a page that is specifically related to the content you are posting (versus just your “Home” page), even if it’s a former blog or just your “Contact Us” page. An increase in website foot traffic will convert to stronger Search Engine Optimization, so…why not?

2. Include emojis for an engaging SOCIAL vibe

The goal with social media is to have an ongoing conversation with pet owners. Emojis can humanize your veterinary brand and show off your unique personality. The few extra seconds it takes to add emojis will help your social efforts feel more authentic. After all, people aren’t on social media to connect with businesses (or even animals, for that matter!). They want to connect with humans.

Tampa Bay Animal Hospital Group, 6 Locations, 175+ Team Members
Tampa Bay Animal Hospital Group, 6 Locations, 175+ Team Members

3. Always let your unique practice culture shine

In addition to emojis, you can also express your practice culture with photo props, humor, fun photo contests, or behind-the-scenes pics of your team. The whole goal is to give pet owners a reason to smile and feel connected to your brand. Give dog and cat lovers a reason to follow you on social media with interesting content presented in unique ways. A little creativity goes a LONG way.

4. Show the patient & team member bond in every post you can

This is what our internal marketing team at Simply Done Tech Solutions refers to as BONDTASTIC! Anyone can post a photo of an adorable pet, but only your practice can post photos of your team being amazing with patients! See bullet #5 in our recent blog for examples.

5. Use the animation feature in Canva to add interest

If you have an internal social media team, Canva is one of the best investments you can make. It’s super affordable and allows you to create fun engaging content that is consistent with your brand, regardless of which team member is creating the post. There are hundreds of templates to choose from and with a simple click or two, you can animate your design. Animation in social media has been found to be more engaging than static posts. According to Twitter, tweets including gifs received 55% more engagement than ones using a static design/photo.

Tampa Bay Animal Hospital Group, 6 Locations, 175+ Team Members