Information Technology

As a veterinarian or veterinary practice manager, you know firsthand that advances in technology allow for better patient care. The benefits from using diagnostic equipment or having easily accessible medical records cannot be understated. And yet, how much time do you spend on treating the health of your business with technology-centered solutions?

Simply Done Tech Solutions provides IT consulting to help veterinary practices assess their current systems, implement new technology and improve efficiency through upgrades, training and more. We help veterinary practices enhance their current operating procedures, while laying the groundwork for innovative methods that utilize the latest technology.

We offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Workflow Design and Implementation for New Practices or Renovating Existing Practices
  • Training on Each Feature of Your Practice Management Software
  • Consultation on Hardware and Software Purchases
  • Networking Workstations, Setting Securities and Designing Acceptable Use Policies
  • IT Audit to Determine Your Technology ROI
  • Development and Training of Veterinary Practice Reports

Start seeing results. It’s time to start saving time and money, while benefiting from the latest advents in veterinary exclusive technology.

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New Practice Design
Layout & Workflow Transformation

Navigating through the research and implementation of veterinary software and hardware is both complex and time consuming. Let us help you find the best path for your implementation. We will work closely with you, and tailor our proven implementation methodology to your practice environment whether you are undergoing a major renovation or building a new practice. Don’t make the costly mistake of allowing an inefficient workflow in your practice. One-on-one consultations with Eric lead directly to a leaner, more viable practice. Wouldn’t you prefer your complex solutions to be Simply Done?

Maximize the Benefits of Your
Practice Management Software
& Learn How to Shop for the
Right Practice Management Software

Eric Garcia will assist you in maximizing the benefits of your practice management software. Simply by showing you how to properly store your practice information and use untapped features within your software, your veterinary practice will benefit from the groundwork of a streamlined, efficient practice management process. We can also assist in shopping for the perfect practice management software and create a realistic budget to help you make the transition.

Proper Computer Networking:
Setting Securities & Acceptable Use Policies

A secure workplace is crucial to your success, and the confidentiality of your clients. Proper computer networking can be achieved by enabling the proper policies to protect your network and the workstations connected to it. Explore important security options that will protect your investment and learn how to set an acceptable use policy to guide your staff on the proper use of your computer network.

Create Your Own Useful Practice Reports

Explore how to get the most out of your daily, monthly and yearly reports using spreadsheets and simple to create graphs. Don’t waste money on having them created for you when you can easily learn how to create them yourself. Learn how to easily manage this data within your practice to enhance your veterinary practices self-sufficiency and overall success.

Understand Your Return on Investment (ROI)
for Computer Technology

Not sure if technology will cost you more than it will actually save you? We accurately measure your current use of technology in your practice to determine if it is costing you more than it should, and how to improve to further enhance your bottom line.

Technology Implementation

Have a great idea but not sure how to make it come to life using the latest technology? Eric will help you to stick to select brands and adjust to the changing prices of existing technologies to implement with precision. You can rest assured Eric will guide you in making the right decisions to invest in the right technology, at the right time.

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