Optimize Your Tweets, Posts and Views – Get Social Media to Work for You

Half a billion tweets a day. 1+ billion users on Facebook. 4 billion daily video views on YouTube. The numbers are staggering — social media isn’t just here to stay, it’s become completely interwoven into the lives of your clients and prospects. No matter how large or small your veterinary practice is, you simply can’t afford to ignore social media. Let Eric Garcia show you how to increase your online visibility, attract new business and engage existing clients by leveraging these powerful new media channels.

Eric’s veterinary exclusive marketing and consultation services are designed to help you reduce marketing budgets while increasing compliance and profits. He will assess your current social media presence and create a strategy designed specifically for your practice. Eric targets the right social networks to reach your target market and sets up or refines your social media profiles. He’ll streamline and integrate your presence on these social networks so you can efficiently manage your time and communications on each site. And we will train your staff to use these channels through our one-on-one live consultations.

Ready to get started? You can DM Simply Done Tech Solutions on Twitter, post on our Facebook wall, view our work on YouTube, email us at info@simplydonetechsolutions.com or contact us the good, old-fashioned way by phone at 813.545.3044 today!

Success Stories

Simply Done Tech Solutions both educated me and assisted me in a major way on connecting digitally with internal and external customers. Having a veterinary knowledge base, they offered industry based and general advice on promoting ourselves as animal care professionals rather than just another business. Additionally, Simply Done Tech Solutions also maintains our website and assists with making progressive changes and updates regularly. Now we get so many wonderful compliments and are so proud to refer clients to our website and social networking pages. I greatly appreciate how prompt and thorough the entire team is.

Allison Habetz, CVPM, Practice Manager, Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

I met Eric Garcia 4 years ago at the North American Veterinary Conference. He was giving a seminar on marketing. He presenting a lot of new ideas and at the time we were still using the Yellow Pages. He offered to review our clinic’s Yellow Pages contract and let us know his assessment of our expenditures. I introduced myself and asked him questions pertinent to our practice and he gave me his card. I emailed him after returning from the meeting to set up a conference call. The rest is history. We feel our marketing has really stepped up and become much more focused. He has given us numerous ideas for using all the social media and how it can benefit our practice including an e-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest. We met in person at a following NAVC meeting to have a face to face. Eric is easy to talk to, responds to all emails promptly, and is very engaging. We have once a month conference calls that are always helpful and informative. Best of all Eric keeps up with all the changes in social media and informs us. We highly recommend him.

Sherry Seimer, Hospital Administrator, Suburban Animal Clinic

Working with Eric Garcia and Simply Done Tech Solutions has been extremely beneficial to our hospital. Eric likes to go at a pace in which everyone is comfortable. During the social media consultations, he made sure that we fully understood one topic before moving on to the next, and was always willing to go back if we needed a refresher. He helped us get our Facebook page to become very popular in the veterinary community and we truly appreciate how he continues to check in with us to make sure our marketing team is doing well.

Carrie Gerdes, Veterinary Specialty Center