Email Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Jenny has almost a decade of veterinary marketing experience, and she is obsessed with developing highly-engaging digital marketing solutions that are achievable for busy veterinary professionals.

The competition is fierce. You are competing for attention in people’s inboxes, and catchy headlines will only take you so far!

It’s best NOT to send an email of low value just because. While consistency is ideal, it’s better to send fewer emails (or none at all) over sending out emails that lack personalized images and stories.

Think about the emails you personally have subscribed to. How many of them do you read? Most likely, the ones you actually open have consistently offered you some value in the past. By delivering content that’s personally relevant to YOU, those email sources have earned your trust. That’s exactly what needs to be done with email marketing for your practice!

How do you build trust?

In the email marketing Simply Done does for our veterinary clients, we use a formula of highly engaging content to nurture that trust.

Just like you can’t acquire a good friend in one sitting, you can’t establish an email friend that easily either. It can’t happen with one email. You have to build trust over time, the same way you nurture trust with a new friend. Trust is built by consistently delivering content that is personal and meaningful.

“Fifty-six percent estimate they receive anywhere from 25 to over 100 emails a day, yet nearly half report reading between zero to five emails per day.”

Marketing to “Email Friends,” not Subscribers

Would you send a good friend “canned” content, stock imagery, and boring links to syndicated articles? No! Think of your followers or email addresses as FRIENDS and always frame your email language, images, and links accordingly.

Instead of: “Over 1 million pets in the U.S. are treated for heartworm every year.”

You might say: “Last year we treated X pets with heartworm, and every case was heartbreaking. Here is a discount code to our online pharmacy so, together, we can help better protect your pet.”

In the latter example, the stat of how many cases YOUR practice treated qualifies as a “story.” It’s unique to your practice and your community, and it makes the message more personal.

The second example above also conveys emotion, which is critical to bridging any meaningful relationship. Watching pets suffer from heartworm IS heartbreaking, and you want to help them avoid this by offering a discount code.

Go Forth and Be Authentic!

It’s a fantastic feeling to know you are nurturing relationships with your marketing rather than just throwing random noodles against the wall. As you shift to delivering more authentic email content to clients, we guarantee you’ll see the email open rates increase over time!

The strategy of continuing the conversation after the vet visit is a powerful one that, ultimately, will convert to higher client retention rates.

As always, the Simply Done Tech Solutions team is here to help support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!