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Become a Social Media Champion

Become a Social Media Champion Online! 

Our Training on Your Timetable….

Running a veterinary practice doesn’t leave time for much else. Between caring for clients and managing the business, it can be hard to add another commitment to the calendar. That’s why Simply Done Tech Solutions has created an online training series to help you master social media marketing on your own timetable. Our self-paced online courses are designed with busy professionals in mind. With on demand convenience, you can learn how to align your social networks to the needs of your prospects and current clients. You’ll learn how to build your profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll learn how to deepen your connection with current clients and raise your visibility as a veterinary expert to attract new client. With increased social media savvy, you’ll learn to drive more traffic to your website and increase compliance and revenue.

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Online Training Portal

Online Training Portal

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We offer the following courses on demand:

  • Introduction to Social Media for the Veterinary Practice (1.5 hour)
  • Using Facebook for Maximized Success (1 hour)
  • How To Send a Powerful Message in 140 Characters (1 hour)
  • Developing an Effective YouTube Channel (1 hour)
  • Foursquare 101 (1 hour)
  • Email Marketing (1 hour)
  • Learn how to Develop a Simple Marketing Plan (1/2 hour)

You will not only receive the training via our self paced training portal but you will also receive all of the resources you need to get started right way. Here are some of the sample resources you will receive (over 20 resources readily available):

  • Photo Release Forms
  • Internet Use Policy for Staff
  • Social Media Policy
  • Sample Facebook and Twitter Postings
  • How to Develop a Successful Marketing Posting Worksheet
  • Sample Facebook Moderation List
  • One Hour of Social Media Email Support


To Learn More Call (866) 803-2952 or Email info@simplydonetechsolutions.com