Boost Your SEO With Your Own Happy Tails Blog

If you’ve been looking for a marketing solution that will help promote your practice with carefully crafted stories and testimonials, look no further!

We understand that veterinary professionals have little time for marketing, and that’s where we can help.

Our Happy Tails blog is a service we are offering as part of our ongoing marketing maintenance packages. It offers you a way to highlight the outstanding work your team is doing behind the scenes, and both your prospective and existing clients will love the stories!

The best part? Your social media marketing team does all the heavy lifting for you!

Showcase Your Veterinary Team With Uplifting Content

Veterinary blogs often discuss common health problems pet owners face in an impersonal way. While this is good for client education, the generic nature of this content often fails to engage.

Our Happy Tails blog offers a more customized approach for you, one that centers the health and wellness of pets that you actually care for at your practice every day.

We interview your happy and satisfied clients about the life-saving and life-affirming work that your veterinarians and staff provide, and then we write and publish each monthly post to your website.

Both your prospective & existing clients will love to read about the great work you and your staff are providing pets, and it may encourage them to schedule their next visit, too!

How It Works

When your practice helps a pet overcome an obstacle in their health journey, you can send them our way as leads for your monthly Happy Tail blog. Your Simply Done marketing team will then contact and interview the client, write the story, and create a social media post to help promote the practice by highlighting the exceptional care you and your team provide.

Happy Tails = Happy Pet Parents

For each Happy Tails blog post we create for your site, it adds layers of credibility to potential clients searching for new veterinarians online. Each pet being featured in the blog is a strong real-life testimonial for your practice!

There’s No News Like Good News

It’s no secret that people need feel-good content on social media, especially now more than ever. These Happy Tails are well-appreciated for this reason. It’s the perfect to serve pet owners in your community with positive news while simultaneously attracting more traffic to your website and social media channels.

Say Goodbye To Canned Content

Clients can tell when something feels authentic and “real” and relevant to their lives, and there’s nothing so personalized as telling the true stories of your pet community. Say no to generic blogs: Happy Tails results in higher click-throughs and lower bounce rates, which helps your Google ranking and Search Engine Optimization.

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To learn more about this and the other benefits of our tiered services, we recommend that you take a look at our Simply Done Marketing page or contact us today.

Contact Simply Done Tech Solutions and gain the competitive advantage you need to compete both on and offline!