Remembering Pets With Simply Done Pet Memorials

We understand that veterinary professionals have little time for marketing, and that’s why we work hard to make services that run seamlessly for you and your practice.

With Simply Done Pet Memorials, your practice can boost its community engagement by providing a platform for clients to honor their beloved pets with a picture and a parting sentiment.

Simply Done Tech Solutions is dedicated exclusively to the veterinary industry, so we understand how to best serve pet owners. After all, your website should be more than just a brochure. It should be actively working for you, to better serve your clients and attract new ones.

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How It Works

When a client in your community has lost a pet, they can submit a pet memorial right on your website by uploading a picture and written obituary as a loving tribute to their furry family member. Members of your community are encouraged to leave their condolences in the late pet’s guestbook.

Who Can Submit A Pet Memorial?

We recommend leaving this feature open for anyone in your community because, let’s face it—the more people visiting and engaging with your brand, the better!

Hands Off Marketing

This high-engagement website feature is basically hands-off for the vet clinic, which is awesome because it allows you to stay focused on your patients and staff.

Social Media Made Easy

Your SDTS marketing team will design a monthly collage post for your social media which helps promote the feature and engage with the pet community, encouraging people to sign the guestbook.

Reputation Management

Pet owners find great comfort in reading the kind words that people leave in their guestbook. By providing this service, your unique veterinary brand is reinforced as caring and community-oriented.

Enhance SEO Cost-Effectively

This dynamic feature is hosted directly on the website of the clients who we provide ongoing marketing services for. Its presence will enhance your SEO organically, thanks to the extra traffic to your website, and it will keep prospective clients and pet owners on your website longer, guiding them to other pages of interest.

To learn more about this and the other benefits of our tiered services, we recommend that you take a look at our Simply Done Marketing page or contact us today.

Contact Simply Done Tech Solutions and gain the competitive advantage you need to compete both on and offline!