Pet of the Month

At Simply Done Tech Solutions, we are dedicated to providing marketing solutions made easy for the busy veterinarians and practice managers we serve. Our goal is to set you up for success so you can keep doing what you do best — focus on your patients!

Our Pet of the Month offers exclusive, built-in tools on your website to ensure great website engagement without having to invest more marketing time.

Patient-Centered Marketing

As you know, pet owners love watching social media content of adorable animals. Even more so, they love sharing pictures of their own pets!

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How It Works

Pet owners fill out a brief questionnaire that is housed right on your website. They answer questions about their pet (sent to a Simply Done email address) and upload their favorite picture to be in the running for Pet of the Month.

How do I pick the Pet of the Month?

If you prefer, your SDTS will randomly draw a winner from all of the entries every month. We check with your practice to ensure that the client chosen is in active, good standing. We then create a highlight for the Pet of the Month on your website.

How will people know to submit their pets?

We will create 2 correlating social media posts that your vet clinic can use — one that publishes on the 1st, and one that publishes on the 15th of every month. This will not only showcase each month’s pet, but will also encourage pet owners to submit their own pictures and bios!

Why is the Pet of the Month highlighted on our website and not just social media?

Each Pet of the Month is inadvertently a lasting testimonial for your practice, which is great content for social media. Moreover, pet owners in your community are inclined to click through to your website so they can read about the feature pet.

This added website engagement is both great for brand engagement and increased search engine optimization. Win Win!

We Manage This for You!

Don’t worry! Our SDTS marketing team puts in the work to create each highlight for your website and helps promote the Pet of the Month feature for you, so you can stay focused on the animals!

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